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Kidd Coffee for the Office


Order coffee for office parties or events in Cincinnati, Ohio from Cincinnati's best coffee shop, The Kidd Coffee Co.

Need coffee for the office?  We have you covered!

We offer a simple coffee set up for the office that can be with or without equipment. 

We also sell custom made Brod Kegerators that pour Nitro and Cold Brew from the same tap, an amazing complement to your office. These Brod Kegerators are maintenance free and come set up and ready-to-pour deliciousness. 

Excellent service is very important to us, so please leave a message and we will get back to you promptly with your custom pricing! 


 Cold Brew/Nitro Product Cost:

o   $18 per bottle – 32oz concentrate per bottle of 2:1 = 96oz of finished product per bottle.

o   $90 per case – 6/32oz concentrate = 576oz of finished product per case.

o   Plus shippintg

o   COGS = $0.0162 per brewed finished ounce.


Brod Cold Brew and Nitro Kegerator


Please inquire for Brod Kegerator pricing.