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Captain Kidd Collection (All 3), Dark Roast

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Are you a fan of dark roast coffees? We have created a dark roast lovers' collection of our booziest flavors! 
Included: Dark Roast Highlander Grogg, Dark Roast Butter Rum, Dark Roast White Russian.
Save 10% with this collection! The discount is already taken off of the advertised price.
***Whichever grind type you select will be the same for all 3 coffees.***
Captain William Kidd (c. 1645-1701) was a Scottish privateer turned pirate who, despite only ever capturing one significant prize ship, has become legendary thanks to the persistent rumor he buried a fantastic treasure that nobody has yet found. Kidd was arrested, sent to England, and hanged in Wapping Old Stairs in 1701.

Enjoy Cincinnati's favorite small-batch-roasted premier coffee bean!   
- From the Kidd Family to Yours



* Healthy Choice! - All of our flavored coffees are sugar-free and only 2 calories per cup! Sip on all of your favorite flavors without the guilt!


* Coffee Beans - We use high-quality, 100% arabica, dark-roasted coffee beans, for all of our flavored coffees in the Captain Kidd Collection.


* Packaging - An attractive product that will look good on any kitchen counter! Our zipper bags lock in freshness better than the usual side-gusset coffee bags. For maximum freshness; keep your Kidd coffee in the freezer!


* Subscription Available - Never run out of coffee again! We offer subscription times 30 or 60 days! Avoid the hassle of constantly ordering online!

* Returns - Free and easy returns; satisfaction guaranteed!

Kidd Coffee Club


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