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10 Best Gifts For Your Coffee Loving Dad

10 Best Gifts For Your Coffee Loving Dad

So, your dad loves coffee...but you don't want to just add another coffee mug to his endlessly growing collection. We've curated a list of 10 of the perfect gifts for any coffee loving dad. Ranging from those who are just getting into coffee to your seasoned barista. There's a gift for every type of coffee loving dad in this list. Let us know which is your favorite and if you have any additional ideas in the comments!
Get dad a custom engraved Chemex for fathers day 2021
Okay, so everyone knows the CHEMEX is the most trendy, cool looking, and tastiest way to make coffee at home. Receiving one as a gift alone would be amazing. But if you're looking to take it to the next level and create a super special gift that will remind your significant other of you every morning when they brew their good ole' cup of joe... then go all out and get it engraved with a special message or date! Though this is one of our more expensive options, it's sure to be super special gift they'll treasure for years to come. Check out their engraving options here.
Aeropress makes a great gift for fathers day in 2021
The perfect coffee gift for any dad that's constantly on the go or loves to camp! The Aeropress is super portable but also makes a delicious cup of coffee. You can even make a shot of espresso with the  Prismo Aeropress Attachment that converts your Aeropress into a pressurized coffee maker!
Has the man in your life seemed to get into coffee on a deeper level lately? Measuring every ounce, setting timers, making sure every drop of water is the right temperature? Well, then he might just enjoy this book where he can learn about the chemistry behind coffee! This book helps readers learn what kind of coffee they like and how to achieve it. Therefore, crafting the perfect cup no matter which brewing method or machinery he's feeling that day.
Yeti mug filled with Kidd Coffee
Oh, Yeti mugs... They're timeless, indestructible, and they'll keep your coffee scalding hot or ice cold for hours on end. Every dad wants one, and I'd go so far as to say every dad needs one. I can't tell you how many coffee mugs my father broke as a child. Each dad has their quirks, mine was being clumsy. They're also hands down the best camping mug. I even use mine to heat up soup in when I'm car camping!
Best coffee scale for fathers day 2021
If the man in your life is serious about coffee; he's got to get a scale. Better yet, you've got to get him the  TIMEMORE Digital Coffee Scale! I love how minimalistic it is. Most scales can be a real eye sore on the countertop but this guy is chic. Coffee is truly an art and a chemistry project in one. If you want a REAL good cup of coffee, you've got to get down to science. 
French press best gifts for dad 2021
Every coffee connoisseur needs a french press. The  Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 34 Oz. is my favorite because of its size, price, and aesthetic. I also never have issues with grounds getting in my coffee with this model! Pair this with a 12 oz bag of our Kidd Custom Blend, and you've got the perfect gift.
This poster on Etsy is the perfect addition to any dad's coffee bar. It has the breakdown of every drink he could possibly want. This is a great reminder for the seasoned barista or a great inspiration board for those just getting into more complicated coffee drinks. Plus, the design work is so cute! 
Is your dad more a latte man than a black coffee guy? This manual espresso maker at Amazon is one of the most affordable ways to make a kick-butt shot of espresso right from the comfort of your own home. Each shot boasts an impressive amount of crema; it just takes a little elbow grease to get it. 
As Father's Day nears, you are trying to figure out what gift would be best for your dad/ husband. We get it, it's hard to always know what will be the perfect gift. Tools are always a safe bet but sometimes you just don't want to get the ordinary items. If your loved one loves coffee as much as you do, then consider getting them a premium bean subscription with The Kidd Coffee Club. My father loves coffee and has recently fallen in love with the Kidd Coffee brand. He likes how this company focuses on quality instead of quantity. Though we all love coffee, it’s hard to find a company that's willing to sacrifice profits by only roasting a small amount of beans to make sure that they are roasted perfectly rather than pumping them out in larger quantities at a faster pace. This is something Kidd Coffee always seems to do. They are very meticulous with their brewing methods. Therefore, the coffee beans that they produce are phenomenal and tastes way better than the more common brands of coffee. Their regional blends are amazing but they also have over 50 flavor options. BONUS, all their flavored coffees only have two calories, so it's a great way to indulge in a sweet treat.
Once you sign up for a subscription, they can change which coffee flavors they'd like each month. They also have the option to receive coffee as often as every week, every month, or every quarter. It's free to sign up, easy to cancel, and you get coffee flavor exclusives just for being a member.
I’m sure your dad/ husband would love to have a gift from you that is different and thoughtful. A unique bean subscription is just the thing anyone would want, no matter their taste in coffee.
If he loved his Keurig, but also loves the environment, consider getting him some reusable K-Cups! The IParts Plus More Reusable K-Cups are made from stainless steel and sure to last. Another plus to reusable K-Cups is you can now grind your coffee fresh! It's a win-win!
Don't forget! All of our 12oz bags of coffee are buy two get one FREE from 6/9 until Father's Day!
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Lucy - June 25, 2021

One gift my Dad loved was these reusable k-cups from – . Hes obssessed with coffee, and it comes in the coolest packaging ever! Totally would recommend.

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