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What Your Coffee of Choice Says About You

What Your Coffee of Choice Says About You

Are you the type to always order the same drink or constantly mix it up? Either way, here's what your coffee order says about you. We're not judging, this is all in good fun. Add your own coffee personality in the comments below!
Flat white at kidd coffee cafe
Oh, you must be the sophisticated type. You know; the type that's always wearing one of those fancy watches with a diamond or two in it. Designer everything, has to be. You order ahead on your smartphone, don't stay to chat or work. You have business things to attend to. But if the coffee isn't perfect, you send it back. You're efficient, classy, and hardworking; you're a Flat White.
Pour Over Coffee
While reading this, you quite possibly have a man bun, ripped jeans on, or some Ray Bans. You're the cool one. The one who actually knows their stuff when it comes to coffee. It's like chemistry to you, or art...or something. You probably own a Chemex but just go to the coffee shops for the aesthetic. It's a great backdrop for the gram. You're social, creative, and confident; you're a pour over.
Black Coffee
You're the straight down to business type. Brass tacks type. The black coffee type. If you're visiting a coffee shop, you most likely ran there for fun, or you're on the way to work. Coffee is rarely a social thing for you; it's fuel and nothing more. You don't romanticise the cafe lifestyle. You're a realist, a go getter, and self-assured; you're a black coffee.
Oh, an Americano? Not drip coffee? Not espresso? Just watered down shots? You must be some sort of big time executive or successful freelancing creative. Because the only people who order americanos in their right mind, are either those trying to get their water count up or those who think the name sounds neat. You aren't a coffee snob. You're goal focused, work a lot of hours, and make a lot of money; you're an Americano.
You're most likely under the age of 30. You're a happy and excitable person. One who always sings at concerts, screams on a rollercoaster, and woo's at sporting events. You say you looooove coffee, but you actually just like ice cream a lot and you need an acceptable reason to eat it so often. You're kind, fun, and whimsical; you're a frappuccino.
You're the romantic type. The one who isn't afraid to wear girly tulle skirts and belt out every word to any Celine Dion song that may come on; and you know them all, too. You buy a lot of decorative signs for your home that sport sayings like, "live, laugh, love", same goes for bumper stickers. You're the hopeless romantic, chick flick indulging, optimist we all know. You're a cappuccino.
Which one are you? Does it ring true? Let us know in the comments.
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